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    22 May at 20:18 from atlas

    No more bumpy skin - silky all over instead

    How to treat those 'bumps' on the backs of your arms - and elsewhere

    Men! I saw this text on David's phone:
    "Mate, that body scrub you got me to use worked a treat. You won't believe what my skin looks like now!"

    Then, there was an image of a decidedly scantily clad female - it looked nothing like the sender!

    But Zak's skin story was for real. We'd had coffee with him and his family a while back and he'd mentioned to David privately how a bumpy rash on his torso was bothering him. He said he'd recently paid $125 to consult a skin specialist about the rash; the specialist's answer had been that there was no solution for this problem and that no product existed that would fix it. David said, "Mate, use this Macadamia Body Scrub in the shower". Days later, that text.

    As usual, when Simplicité products work a miracle that nothing seemingly can, the positive result is simply because Simplicité products are so nutrient-rich. 

    Macadamia Body Scrub is a synergistic, powerful combination of 12 freshly extracted, medicinal grade plant extracts, including macadamia meal, cocoa butter and  lemongrass.

    More about Bumpy Skin...

    Those unsightly red (or white) bumps can appear on the arms as well as the torso. Sometimes they appear on the face. If this is the case, Simplicité's One Step Exfoliating Cleanser used as part of the daily skin care routine works to clear this problem. On the body the bumps are called Keratosis Pilaris. It's a hugely common problem, just do an internet search! Macadamia Body Scrub is the answer - the second part of treatment is to use Nutritive Body Lotion twice daily.


      Here's another success story...

      "How Libby got rid of unsightly red bumps on her arms!"


    Want sensuous, silky feeling skin - all over?

    Here's how!

    "I'm addicted to Simplicité'sMacadamia Body Scrub after using it for the last 12 months. Like most women I have limited time for a daily beauty routine so I spend most of that on my face - the rest of my body has less priority.

    So I've always wanted to find a body product that actually does what it claims and makes my skin feel incredibly beautiful after just one application.

    Your Macadamia Body Scrub does this perfectly! I apply this product, which is actually more a sensual experience than a body scrub, all over my body in the shower. It exfoliates effortlessly, leaving my skin tingling happily and feeling smooth and lightly moisturised.

    Thank you Simplicité for creating such a wonderful body scrub for us busy mums to enjoy." - Tanya Licina

    Robin's body care tips: 
    The skin on my legs was always dry, especially in winter, even in my teens. This is what I do to avoid this - use the Body Scrub a few times weekly and apply one of the Body Oils to hydrate in the same way as I use the Face Oil. Over the top of this I use the Nutritive Body Lotion in summer and in cooler weather the Mandarin Body Butter (which David created especially for these legs!)

    Another happy customer, Amanda Reboul, took time out from touring the Champagne region in France to send us this Facebook message...

    Amanda has been using Simplicité products since 2010 - the Basic Six and many of the Intensive Treatments. 

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