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    30 June at 22:01 from atlas

    Another life changing serum; Finally, perfect winter skin.

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    Exciting! This weekend I am testing out the NEW version of our She Oak and Lime Conditioner. David says it has the same nutrients as before but MORE creaminess (for those of us with coloured hair who need that bit extra). If I love it the batch will go ahead and be ready very soon. I'll keep you posted... 

    In other news, win the war against Australian winter dryness with beautiful Mandarin Body Butter,Angelica Lip Balm and the Face and Body Oils - so nutrient-rich and truly skin saving.

    Following Meredith William'sinspiring story about skin cancer and RL Serum another story about a Simplicité serum and its highly beneficial results for a sun loving more.

    Of course all Simplicité products contribute to reducing sun damage and early skin cancer changes - these are our specialities after all (along with early ageing, skin lightening and teenage and adult acne.)

    Perfect winter skin - FINALLY.
    My skin is combination in summer but as I've got older, as soon as the weather begins to get colder, it gets dryer and tighter.This is not only uncomfortable, but also means that my foundation doesn't sit very well. My solution in the past has been switching to a much heavier moisturiser as soon as there is a hint of cool in the air, but this can make my skin feel oily.
    I've been using Simplicité for some time now and absolutely LOVE it. For my winter problem Robin suggested I try something different this year; so I've introduced the Simplicité Sage Face Oilto my skincare routine (between the Anti-Oxidant Plant Serum and Alba-White Day Moisturiser).
    I had never used an oil on my face before. Obviously it feels oily initially but when I mix it with a few sprays of Hydrating Floral Toning Lotion it melts into the skin very quickly and gives that extra layer of hydration - without the heavier moisturiser.

    So for the first time (!) my skin feels and looks soft and hydrated in winter - and my foundation is sitting perfectly. 
    And I thought I knew a lot about skin care (I am an ex-Cosmetic Counter Manager for one of the top beauty companies in Australia.)
    Sue Aarons  Brisbane Qld

    Read more about rehydrating dry skin without causing congestion and breakouts.


    Have a fantastic weekend!
    Warm regards

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